Frequently asked Questions 

1.How long will it take me to learn? 

From a standing start anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks, less if you already make jewelry

2.What will I learn from your ebook?

You will learn how to create personalized jewelry from wire

3. How do I know I will make the amount of money you are claiming that you can make ?

You can make anywhere between $100 and $2000 or more a week selling in the marketplace - additionally you can make more money online or selling via other sources

4.Do you have videos? I learn better that way

My mentoring site (with free alphabets available, made in wire) is here: Make your own Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

5.Do I need to buy expensive tools and supplies? 

No, you can start with a modest set of tools, a pair of round nosed pliers, some cutters, a needle file and some wire


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